English · 22. November 2017
When you're fully present in your life, the things in your environment and the clothes on your skin aren't just there by accident. They aren't just stuff anymore, because of the intimate physical, emotional and energetic connection you have with them. You learn to let go of what you don't love, to declutter your inner and outer space and to live only with what you love. If you join these forces with the “magic breath” of your intention and focus, whao! What a magnet of attraction for your life!
English · 23. April 2016
Use it, Love it or Get rid of it
CONSEIL "BEST PRACTICE" DANS VOTRE ARMOIRE : Si vous faites le ‪#‎changement‬ de garde-robe pour le printemps/été, pour savoir si garder ou pas un ‪#‎vêtement‬, demandez-vous : "USE IT, LOVE IT or GET RID OF IT ? ". Pas d'autres possibilités. Votre armoire vous remerciera, votre esprit également ;)